BK-Factory – a joint venture that packs a punch

The companies D+H Mechatronic AG and AirFlowControl SA, which have substantially influenced the current technical and normative state of lift shaft ventilation and smoke extraction systems, are bundling their services and strengths since the end of 2013 in an Europe-wide company structure called BK-Factory GmbH (BlueKit Factory).

BK-Factory GmbH designs, develops and commercializes an energy saving system (BlueKit®) for the ventilation, heat extraction, natural cooling and smoke extraction of lift shafts and machine rooms.  The employees and management at BK-Factory GmbH have gathered many years of international experience in the fields of:

  • construction,
  • building physics and technical energyconcepts,
  • facility management,
  • telecommunication,
  • elevatortechnology.


BlueKit® uses the patent EP 1890956 which has been developed  by Royal-AFC.

About the parent companies:

AirFlowControl S.A. provides the elevator industry a high degree of innovation and comprehensive services throughout the world. Since 2005 AirFlowControl S.A. takes part in several technological innovations to optimize the  energy balance in premium real estates.
Since 2008 AirFlowControl S.A. is producing and selling the BlueKit®  product line on the european market.


D+H has a trendsetting expertise in the development and production of lift shaft smoke extraction and ventilation systems. Thanks to the many years of experience and the development of its own network and service partners D+H is able to provide a high level of services. D+H has always orientated the development of its products to the requirements of the market and its customers.