Corporate Values

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BK-Factory is a value-oriented company and aware of its environmental responsibility as well as the obligation towards its employees. Our corporate philosophy therefore includes the following guidelines which steer our objectives and actions at all levels of management.


Awareness of environmental protection is a basic premise of our conduct as a company. Our aim is to harmonise environmental protection with safety and security. That is why we looked for ways to close a constantly open window that causes high energy losses but is essential for the safety and health of lift users.

BlueKit® is the smart solution to this seemingly irreconcilable situation.

In Europe alone, every year 180,000 new lift systems are installed and 140,000 existing systems are upgraded to improve their energy efficiency. Furthermore, according to the latest EU reports the building sector accounts for 40% of total energy usage, making it the largest consumer in the European Union. The aim is to successively reduce this value over the coming years by means of suitable directives and guidelines.

BK-Factory sees enormous potential here to minimise energy losses in the future by equipping lift systems with BlueKit technology. By reducing energy losses through lift shafts and reducing CO2 emissions, BK-Factory contributes actively to protect the environment.


There is a constant stream of new standards and requirements regarding lift shaft ventilation. BK-Factory sees itself as part of the innovation process, instead of acting as a catch-up player. We develop our products with constant attention to all relevant factors, thereby setting standards for safety and quality. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to recognise trends at an early stage and translate them into pioneering products and services that generate economic advantages for our customers.

In the area of air quality monitoring, for example, we have established a position as an innovation leader, and for many years we have been developing need-oriented solutions for the well-being of lift users. We also offer special thermally insulated ventilation options for the best possible energy utilisation inside buildings.


Respect for our employees is one of our core values. Open communication and team spirit enable us to work efficiently and effectively, which naturally benefits our customers as well. We also invest in the personal and professional development of our employees to comply with our high standards of professionalism.

This success-oriented approach is additionally reflected in the contact with our customers. We have a local presence throughout all Europe, and we always respond to the specific needs of our customers at the local level. We have further expanded the scope of our services to offer our customers a comprehensive service portfolio covering the full spectrum of advice, installation, maintenance and servicing of our systems.