BlueKit System – smoke extraction and ventilation of lift shafts

With the installation of a BlueKit® System the mandatory smoke extraction and ventilation of lift shafts is managed in a way that keeps heating energy losses to a bare minimum. At the same time the ventilation of the lift shaft remains guaranteed in case of a breakdown and during maintenance work. The BlueKit® combines separately functioning technologies for an easy application within the building envelope:  ventilation, heat extraction, natural cooling and smoke extraction Quickly pays off: for you and the environment !

The BlueKit system for smoke extraction and ventilation comprises the following components :

BlueKit System Aufzugsschacht

  1. CE-certified (EN 12101-2) motorised ventilation flaps, louvre windows and roof vents for the vertical or horizontal mounting into the building roof or facade. more>


2. Central unit: modern an intelligent controller managing ventilation and smoke extraction. Includes amongst other things: temperature sensor, emergency power supply, integrated radio transmitter for the communication with the Lift Status Transmitter more>


3. Lift Status Transmitter (LST): adjusts automatically the ventilation to the use and needs of the building by recognising the presence of passengers in the lift car and regulating the air quality in the lift and therefore the car as well more>


4. Smoke detectors or infrared optical detector for an effective and secure fire detection over the entire shaft height. more>