Shaft Vent

In new buildings with high energy efficiency (energy efficiency class A, B or C), natural fresh air supply is difficult due to the airtight building shell. When the lift levels are located in different fire compartments, the Lift Vent cannot be used to provide thermal airflow in the shaft. In the event of a lift malfunction with people in the car, there is a risk – even with an open ventilation flap – of a brief absence of thermal airflow in the shaft. Scientific simulations and live tests have both shown that in such installations the CO2 concentration in the car can easily rise to more than 4000 ppm in just a few minutes, creating a hazardous and potentially lethal situation for lift passengers.

BlueKit shaftVent scheme english
BlueKit ShaftVent lift shaft

No thermal airflow in the lift shaft = no ventilation in the car!
BK-Factory creates thermal airlow in the lift shaft

The Shaft Vent accessory for the BlueKit® system provides mechanical shaft ventilation using two or more ventilators (depending on the shaft height) installed in the shaft. Working in opposite directions, the ventilators move the air in the shaft past the car and utilize the full air volume of the shaft by recirculation. The ventilators thus provide air ventilation inside the car with an acceptable shaft air mix. This allows the safety of passengers in the car to be ensured for a prolonged time in the event of trouble.

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